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CJEU Hearings’ recording as a Judicial Training Tool

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CJEU Hearings’ recording as a Judicial Training Tool
European Commission, DG JUST
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EU law
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EU law
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There are a million lawyers in the EU and 120 thousand judges and prosecutors. Some have never seen the inside of the Court of Justice. This is why the Commission and the Court jointly developed this concept to take you on a virtual journey.  

In the six videos, you travel from the cloakroom, where you hang your things before entering into a courtroom, to hearings in the Court of Justice; via explanations of how cases make their way to the Court: 

You see how the Court runs day-to-day, with interviews from the ‘who’s who’ of the Court: Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Advocates General, Registras and former Judges. 

You see how cases are discussed during the weekly meeting. 

You see how important the job of interpreters is.

In sum, the use of recordings of CJEU hearings provides a great potential for initial and in-service training of justice professionals, both at national and European level. With these videos you have an expert guide. 

Description and links to the videos: